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 Marauder Prophecy RULES

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PostSubject: Marauder Prophecy RULES   Wed Apr 25, 2007 1:33 am

1. You must first fill out a character application and have it APPROVED before you can post on the site. When you are approved either Drake or I will add APPROVED in large red letters on the bottom of your application and place your name next to the character on the character sheet.

2. There will be absolutely no godmodding on the site. If you godmod in a post we will delete it. It's OK to use characters that have not yet been accepted and are played by no one but if you use another character for dialouge, we want you to put their text in another color.

3. The chatbox is on this site so you can talk to the other members. We will not tollerate any arguing or drama there. If you are on their to complain about someone or to casue drame one of the admins or mods will ban you for a specific time period. There will be no profane language used in the chatbox. Minor swearing is alright as long as it is not overdone. PDA will be allowed as I myself do not see it as a big deal. I rather enjoy it actually lol.

4. Private message privallages are there for you to communicate with the other members of this forum. They are not for you to yell, curse or bicker at another member. To do so will result in the suspension from sending PM's.

5. If you have any questions or problems on the site please come to either myself or Drake (Prongs) or one of our mods Seamus *Loony Lupin), James (blood_traitor) or Ginger (Wormtail). We are all extremely friendly and will assist you in anything you may need.

6. When openeing up a new thread in a particular forum please state in the top of the first post where you are, if it's a privatre thread or not, if it is private what characters can post there and the status, either incomplete or complete. Once a thread is complete please mark it complete so we will know that the dialouge there is done. Please mark these said items in a different color than what your regular font color is.

7. For now I am letting everyone here see all the house threads. I expect you to ONLY post in the house thread that is your own. If too many people post in the wrong commonrooms I will set the threads up as usergroups, so only the ones in their respective houses can see them.

8. I will be adding more rules as needed.
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Marauder Prophecy RULES
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