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 Warning system

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Fire Vixen

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PostSubject: Warning system   Thu Apr 26, 2007 2:51 pm

If for some reason (let's hope not) you break any rules on this site the following warning system is being set.

1. First offense will result in a warning.
2. Second offense will result in the loss of chatbox privalages for one week.
3. Third offense will result in loss of chatbox privalges for one month
4. Fourth offense will result in permanant chatbox suspension.

Now this system ^^ is ONLY a guideline. If your chatbox abuse is that of a severe nature then we may skip the first 2 warnings and go to an immediate suspension. This will be determined by the mods and admins on the site.

Your PM's are there for a communication device to talk with other members on this site. They are not to argue, bash, complain or use as a tool to provoke other members. If you have a problem with a less than pleasant PM, please send it to one of the admins or mods. We will handle the problem. You do not need to put up with this kind of rediculus behavior. Punishments for this problem will be as follows and again it is up to our descretion to possibly take further action on a first offense.

1. Loss of PM privalages for one week. (There will be NO warning here, your warning is to know the rules before you send a PM)
2. Loss of PM privalges indefinatly.


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Warning system
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