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 Lost in thought (Private)

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PostSubject: Lost in thought (Private)   Sat May 05, 2007 1:07 am

Location: On the edge of the Black Lake
Charaters: James Potter, Remus Lupin and Lily Evans
Private thread

Lily Evans made her way out onto the grounds and crossed the courtyard and headed towards the Black Lake. The banks of the lake was one of her favorite places to come. She found it tranquil here. Looking over the rippling black waters always made her feel some sort of peace and she liked to come here to think . She had a lot on her mind lately. So many things had changed for her over her seventeen years and especially recently. Relationships were begining to form, they were getting piled with mountains of work to do in all the classes with N.E.W.T.'s coming at the end of the school year, you could clearly see the sides that people were starting to take in both the good and evil ends of the magic spectrum and she was beginning to have feelings for James Potter. She was finally realizing that all the things she had said to him over the years, all the times she had been rude and sometimes quite horrible to him, she was really covering up her feelings, not allowing herself to get close to him. Her days here at Hogwarts were now numbered, her days of seeing not only James, but her others friends everyday were not going to happen once they all left here and left to go on the journey that life would lead them on. She sighed deeply and looked out onto the waters of the lake, just standing there, her mind full of so many things.

Eventually Lily would sit on the ground, taking her quill and black ink out of the bag she carried to the lake with her. She took her journal and opened it and started writing all of her thoughts in it. She had a lot of decisions to make this year and she needed to hurry up about it. What was she going to do after she left her beloved school? Where would she go? When, if ever would she finally allow herself to get close to James Potter, and if she did, would he accept her or would he be so sick of the way she had treated him all of these years that he would laugh in her face, tell her he would never be interested or worse. Would he take her into his arms like she so desperately needed, wanted from him more than she wanted anything else in the world. She knew she needed to open up to him soon, she just never found the right time to do it.

After what seemed like hours of writing her thoughts down in her journal Lily closed the book and slipped it, along with her quill and ink back in her bag. She sighed again and relaxed herself back, laying on the grass, her long red hair spread neatly around her and her arms relaxed on either side of her. She looked up into the blue sky and focused on the passing clouds. She needed to get her mind off of these thoughts, she needed to talk to James, or one of her most trusted friends about all of this, but she was a bit nervous about what they would say to her. She desperately wanted to find the right words, wanted the right situation to present itself when she could get all of this out in the open. She would need to be patient, and she had been, she just hoped that it wasn't too late.


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Lost in thought (Private)
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