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 Storyline summary

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PostSubject: Storyline summary   Fri May 11, 2007 3:39 pm

I will try to make these summaries from time to time to keep both old members and the brand new members up to date on certain storylines.

Ok here we go..............

We are now beginning to witness James Potter and Lily Evans beginning to get a bit closer. It's a slow process but moving at a steady pace. Fighting and bickering are now starting to cease and the two seem to be seeing each other in a different way.

Remus and Sirius are now beginning to show their affections for one another out in the open a bit. It seems these two are quite a bit closer than just great friends, it will be great to see where this new discovery leads.

James slipped up in potions and told Lily not only about Remus and Sirius' closeness but also about Remus' lycanthropy.

Karen Rosmerta attempted to get a little closer to one Remus Lupin in DADA class only to be overheard by one Sirius Black. Before things got uncomfortable, James caused a minor distraction in class, outraging Professor Snellville. The class is about to learn about boggarts, which will certainly cause quite a bit of emotion, to a few people more than others.

James has agreed to teach Lily, or attempt to teach her how to fly on a broom with private lessons. This most certainly will get the two of them even closer together.

New crushes are being formed with Karen Rosmerta and Alecto Carrow and also with Emmeline Vance and Benjy Fenwick.

Several students had gathered in the library and Andromeda cautiously sat with Lily Evans, Karen Rosmerta, James Potter and a few others. A new friendship was forming with the Black sister who is quite a bit different than the rest of her family. Narcissa stormed in, caused a scene and that resulted in Narcissa and James getting into quite a heated argument.


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Storyline summary
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