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 Deeper Discussions

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PostSubject: Deeper Discussions   Mon May 14, 2007 1:27 am

Location: The edge of the Forbidden Forest
Subject: Discussing the Full Moon
Charaters: Remus Lupin and Sirius Black (James and Lily can pop in if they want, but it's mainly Rem and Siri)
Private Thread

As had been planned, Remus waited at the edge of the Forbidden Forest for Sirius to arrive so they could discuss the arrangements for the next full moon. The basic details never changed much, but things like meeting places, routes, and the like had to be changed every so often just in case somebody happened to see them, they didn't need to go getting caught in such a state. Three unregistered Animagi and a teen werewolf galavanting about the grounds of a wizardry school. The Daily Prophet would certainly love that story.

He paced along the tree line, his hands in his pockets. There was no need for wandlight. He could see well enough on his own and he was sure Sirius would more than likely be approaching as Padfoot, who also had rather keen sight. He stopped and stared into the trees, the darkness vast and never ending. The forest never had frightened him, though he knew that there were things much more frightening than he lurking there, but he ventured that he'd never make it deep enough into the forest to have a run in with anything too nasty.

He let out a sigh, rubbing the tiredness from his eyes. It had been a long day. What with Narcissa and James, Peter, classes, homework, N.E.W.T.s and all the like...the stressw as already getting to him, though he'd never let on that it was. He sat back in the dark, cool grass and leaned against the trunk of a tree...a nice sit wouldn't hurt...he just hoped that he didn't fall asleep.

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Deeper Discussions
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