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PostSubject: PB list   Wed May 16, 2007 12:31 am

Once you have chosen a photo base for your character please post your chararacter's name and person you are using for your photobase!

Lily Evans---Lindsay Lohan
James Potter---Milo Ventimiglia
Remus Lupin---Jared Padalecki
Peter Pettigrew---Chad Michael Murray
Sirius Black---Orlando Bloom
Narcissa Black---Elisha Cuthbert
Andromeda Black---Mia Kirshner
Emmeline Vance---Cameron Diaz
Karen Rosmerta---Charlize Theron
Amycus Carrow---James Franco
Benjy Fenwick---Tom Welling
Alice Monroe---Jennifer Garner
Madeline Abbot---Alexis Bledel
Anabell Lee---unknown
Marlene McKinnon---Hilary Duff
Akito Mikage---unknown
Alecto Carrow--Michelle Trachtenberg
Dorcas Meadowes--Gwyneth Paltrow


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PB list
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