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PostSubject: Chatting   Thu Jun 21, 2007 11:31 pm

Thread open to all Prefects and Head boy and girl

Lily Evans walked down the fourth floor corridor and turned right at the end of the hall and entered the prefects bathroom. This was one of her favorite places to come. It was an exclusive part of the school that only the prefects and Head boy and Head girl could come to. Lily often came here to relax in the swimming pool sized tub with the very colorful bubbles. The stained glass windows and paintings that lined the walls were exquisite, especially the stained glass mermaid portrait, it was Lily's favorite.

She made her way to the center of the room and removed her robes, laying them gently, in a folded pile on the floor. She then reached her hand up to her fiery red hair and removed the elastic that had been keeping it up, allowing her long, thick hair to go tumbling down around her shoulders.

She finished undressing and quickly got into the tub before anyone came in, making sure to set a thinck, pluch robe by the side of the tub incase she had to get dressed quick. Unfortunately they had to share this room with the male prefects, and even worse, James Potter. He had been growing on her lately, this was a fact, but she would just die if he came in now, while she was in the bath.

She made herself comfortable on a built in seat in the tub and leaned back, laying her head on the edge of the tub. She closed her eyes and relaxed, letting the warmth from the water surround her.


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