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 Advanced Transfiguration (Animagus)

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PostSubject: Advanced Transfiguration (Animagus)   Fri Jun 22, 2007 9:19 pm

Dorcas entered the Transfiguration classroom. As she went into the room she noticed that she was the first student there. Something very rare for her. She had already shown up to her first Defense against the Dark Arts class late so at least this was quite an improvement.

She took a seat at the back of the classroom at the left side table and lazily sat herself down. "Good afternoon." She said as Professor McGonagall looked at her. "What's today's lesson going to be on?" She asked, generally interested. Transfiguration was, by far her favorite class and Professor McGonagall was her favorite Professor.

"We are going to begin advanced learning about animagi Transfiguration, and before you get too excited Meadowes, I don't expect any of you are going to be able to grasp it. This is an art that takes quite some time to perfect."

Dorcas nodded to her, trying as hard as she could to hold back a smile. She had already begun trining herself to be an animagus. She hadn't gotten it yet, but she was sure, before long she was going to master the art. She wished that she knew someone at the school who was an animagus, but as far as she knew no one was one. If there was any, they were keeping it as well hidden as she was.

She took out her textbook and set it in front of her on the table and turned to the chapter on animagi. She relaxed in her chair and waited for another student to enter the room. McGonagall may have been her favorite teacher, but she was not her idea of a fun conversationalist.
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Advanced Transfiguration (Animagus)
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